Monday, December 19, 2011


Today I am ridiculously excited because the ladies of Sweetgrass Social in Charleston S.C. featured Hardink on their blog...Check out the post here!  Huge thanks to Meredith and Jacqueline who are exceptionally talented and always a pleasure to work with.  If you're a bride getting married in Charleston you should do yourself a favor and check out their work!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Tis the Season

Don't you just love that quote?! It makes me feel like Christmas, which I need, because I haven't been feeling like Christmas is actually here.  In reality it's not only here, it's coming in full force.  I've done some pretty fun holiday projects over the last few weeks.  A few Christmas cards (including my own!) which I look forward to showing you pictures of in the coming weeks.  But for now I'm focusing on something that I've been working on that I happen to love...and that's Christmas tags!  I love paper in general, and wrapping paper is no exception, but sometimes I feel like it needs a little something extra.  Here is my solution to that problem...

I love the plain ones to keep around the house and use on gifts here and there, but I happen to think the personalized ones are awesome for delivering gifts to friends.  I love tying them around the neck of a bottle of wine or around a jar of something that you're giving friends as a Christmas gift.  I just think they pop and bring something extra to a gift.  I guess I'm a little partial though?

I'm getting more and more excited about showing off some amazing holiday cards, but I don't want to give them away until I know they've all been sent out.  So until then you'll just have to wait!
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Photos!

One of the aforementioned wonderful people who has helped me get Hardink off the ground is Donald Yeager  an AMAZING photographer here in Nashville.  I met Don through his equally as amazing wife Hillary of Brocade Designs who did the flowers for my wedding.  Not only was she beyond a Godsend during the chaos of wedding planning, but she gets me totally (which can be quite a challenge).  Don and Hillary came over and took some gorgeous photos of some of the work I've been doing recently.  Check out the sneak peak below!

Check out the rest of the photos on the website!  HUGE thanks to Hillary and Don for all of their help creating these beautiful photographs!

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