Monday, December 12, 2011

Tis the Season

Don't you just love that quote?! It makes me feel like Christmas, which I need, because I haven't been feeling like Christmas is actually here.  In reality it's not only here, it's coming in full force.  I've done some pretty fun holiday projects over the last few weeks.  A few Christmas cards (including my own!) which I look forward to showing you pictures of in the coming weeks.  But for now I'm focusing on something that I've been working on that I happen to love...and that's Christmas tags!  I love paper in general, and wrapping paper is no exception, but sometimes I feel like it needs a little something extra.  Here is my solution to that problem...

I love the plain ones to keep around the house and use on gifts here and there, but I happen to think the personalized ones are awesome for delivering gifts to friends.  I love tying them around the neck of a bottle of wine or around a jar of something that you're giving friends as a Christmas gift.  I just think they pop and bring something extra to a gift.  I guess I'm a little partial though?

I'm getting more and more excited about showing off some amazing holiday cards, but I don't want to give them away until I know they've all been sent out.  So until then you'll just have to wait!
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  1. I love your blog-- eek! How exciting! I'll be following along in your journey, and will definitely recommend you to my CO brides!