Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It's clear that my absence from my website/blog has been pretty significant over the past few months.  I am blessed to have been very busy lettering invitations, stamps, business logos, and just about everything else under the sun, but I am excited to announce that my neglect is also the result of a new business endeavor that has been keeping me quite busy!

In June I was contacted by the talented team at Bella Figura.  Bella is a letterpress company based out of New York that specializes in printing the most amazing letterpress invitations.  They offer the largest collection of letterpress wedding invitations anywhere in the world.  Their designs are stunning.  That's not an opinion, that is an absolute fact.  ( is technically an opinion, but I swear you'll agree with me!)  Their unbelievable team offers designs that meet the needs of the modern bride, the vintage bride, the chic bride, the traditional bride, and every bride in between.  They print with vintage presses in elegant inks and foils on gorgeous paper.  Essentially, they are the Mecca of invitations.  I realize I've digressed from the story, but I could honestly talk about their invitations for days.

Back to the point :: The powers-that-be at Bella got their hands on some of my work and I am delighted to announce that they asked me to join their talented team.  Starting in 2013 six of my hands will be offered to their customers.  All of the styles will be available to customers as both full and accent calligraphy.  I can't say (or show) much more until the newest collection is released, but I can assure you everything coming soon is absolutely wonderful.

It is still so surreal to know that my designs will be offered alongside those of some of the most talented designers and calligraphers who inspired me to start lettering myself.  I can't even begin to explain how overjoyed I am to start this new adventure.  Until I can give you a peek at my personal designs, I'll leave you with some gorgeous images of some of their current invitations...

All images courtesy of Bella Figura.
These images are just a small window into the world of Bella.  Visit their website and their blog for more stunning invitations and wedding inspiration. 
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